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Preach's UI

So you've been asking for it for a LOOONG time and it's here! Preach's UI! It's all ready for download HERE, and a video explaining how to install it and configure it can be found HERE. We hope you enjoy this UI pack and have no issues installing it. If you do for any reason have an issue with the installation of this UI pack I'm sure any of your fellow ballers in our forum will be more then willing to render assistance!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some people have been having issues and to point it out to everyone now, Preach's setting have all the GFX set to max and his realm list set to EU. So any US players will need to change there realm list and people without very good computers that find themselves lagging may need to lower there GFX settings.

If you're a US player and you don't know how to change your realm list settings, this forum post will have a how to a few posts down and any other issues can be posted there for help.


Here's a quick pic of the UI in all it's preachy glory!

A big baller thank you to wowJason for pointing out the most common issues people are having.




#1 wowjason 2012-10-25 16:39
might want to put in notes of the things us US guys have to change, as well as a heads up that preach has his set to ULTRA graphics, a lot of ballers having issues with these two things :)

chears for slapping this all together

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